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Team Indigo, established in January 2020, is a students' society under the Gyan Ganga Group. Various technical, non-technical, and self-help events and activities are conducted by society. We conduct periodic workshops and seminars based on trending technologies. Around 15 events have been successfully conducted by the society to date. Also, live sessions with popular personalities, industry experts & successfully placed seniors, information about the latest technical competitions etc. are our regular club activities.

Clubs and Collaborations



Readers Rendezvous

Readers rendezvous is a club created under team indigo GGITS . It's motive is to create a community of book lovers and bring people together for their passion for book reading . This Is Majorly a instagram based club but still is active for organizing any sorts of events

Picasso Renaissants

Picasso Renaissants is an initiative by Team Indigo to reach out to all the artistic minds on campus. The club primarily focuses on watering the creativity of one and all. If you think you have creativity inside you, step up and join the club for a fun and artistic ride!

Chess Club GGITS

Chess Club Ggits is branch club of Team Indigo Ggits student society for all envisioning chess lover, we organize Online and Offline Competition of chess and teach tips and tricks too.



Collaboration Event with Girl Up Jabalpur: International Womens' Day - 8th March 2021

Our team significantly assisted and coordinated the Major Physical event - "International Womens' Day 2021 - Gyan Ganga" which was organized by Girl Up Jabalpur at Spandan Hall GGITS.

"Empowering with Kindness" webinar by guest speaker Mrs. Barbara Vercryusse - 24th March 2021

This event was an online Youth Welfare Activity conducted by Girl Up Jabalpur. Our team provided the ideation and technical support for the online event.

LPU National Startup Fest 2021, Online Collaboration Event with Team Indigo as Marketing Partner - April & May 2021

Official collaboration of Lovely Professional University's student society "Tanzanite" and Team indigo for National Startup fest 2021 sponsored BookmyShow and GeeksforGeeks

Pie & AI Event by Deeplearning.AI - Breaking into AI: 20th September 2020

Online technical webinar conducted by Team Indigo & Deeplearning.AI, focussing on trending technologies, AI & ML. The total number of attendees was around 100.

Webinars on Introduction to DSA & Placement Preparation Tips - 27th June 2021

Online technical event organized in collaboration with Coding Ninjas.


Event Of The Year

"Shaping Your B.Tech" College Seminar by Mr. Aman Dhattarwal

The excitement and enthusiasm among the audience for the speaker was huge. 500+ students gathered to watch the YouTube star live on their campus. The core agendas of the session were – How to be very productive, Placements preparation and vital information and guidance about the Tech and IT world.

Image Image Image

"Spandan" School Seminar

This was a comprehensive session on awareness, information, guidance and motivation for Engineering and Medical entrance exams, Class 12th Boards, Career Counselling along with vital discussions on various broader dimensions other than academics.

Our Recent Event

Pehel - Ek Nayi Subha

Pehel is one of the annual events started in 2018 by our seniors. It was then conducted on 31st October,2021 by united efforts of our seniors and Team Indigo. Pehel:- ek nayi subah is an event in which the auxiliary staff of our college is honored for their hard-work and dedication towards the college. This year the event took place successfully with all the staff members and dignitaries attending the event in Spandan.

Image Image Image
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The event started with a mesmerizing Sarasvati vandana followed by Ganesh vandana. The opening speech was then given by our Principal sir. A beautiful dance performance brought life to the event followed by a musical performance by our music club 'The Celestial' after which a soothing and heart-touching musical performance was given by our seniors. The event got interactive with game segments with the staff members in which they sang, recalled memories and recited dialogues of their favorite films. The audience was then addressed by Aditya Sir. The highlight of the day was gift distribution by the dignitaries to all the staff members. The event successfully ended with a vote of thanks by Vartika Ma'am. The presence of all the dignitaries, staff members and seniors made the event a blockbuster.


The last time you got super embarrassed

By - Aroma

How do you feel when you get embarrassed publicly for doing some sort of stupid act which you were not supposed to do ? Everyone as a kid, teen or an adult has gone through a super embarrassed moment atleast once. This is a phase when you want the Earth to swallow you so that you can disappear and mysteriously escape from that moment.

The most important question of your life

By Arin Jain

As we all know we are currently living in the 21st century which is also known as the revolutionary century for humans . As compared to the previous centuries humans have grown the most in 21st century , beside the fact that its been only two decades in this century and we already had advanced so much in Artificial Intelligence and Technology that we now be...

Blue Brain Technology

By Dhanisha Soni

Blue brain is the name given to the world's first virtual brain. That means a machine that can function as human brain. There is an attempt to create an artificial brain that can think, respond, take decision, and keep anything and everything in memory. The main aim is to upload human brain into machine. So that man can think, take decision without any effort. After the death of the body, the virtual brain will act as the man. So, even after the death of a person we will not loose the knowledge, intelligence, personalities, feelings and memories of that man, that can be used for the development of the human society.

Increasing use of online payment in India - pros and cons

By Palak Shrivas

Online payment or say Digitalisation is become the boon for the country as many people find it as easy, quick and fastest mode of transaction to transfer their fund at any part of the world and at any time...

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